Saturday, March 5, 2011

Peace Train

Now I know many of you wouldn't believe it, but I do actually listen to music other than 80's hair metal, I know, I know, you're SHOCKED!  While playing around with my iTunes today I found a song that I was obsessed with a couple years ago, but hadn't listened to in months and months.  Cat Steven's "Peace Train" is such an amazing song.  It's just soft and soothing, exactly what a girl needs every once in a while!

I started out with two coats of Sinful Color's Social Ladder, it's one of my two favorite color's to use when I'm doing french tips, it's pale, but with just the right enough of shimmer to make them pop.
Then I used the Silver Konad polish with their plate M64 and added a light design to the Social Ladder.
Once that was nice and dry I added a coat of Seche Vite to the top of it, I like to add a top coat to my nails when I'm doing a french tip or another stamp just in case I screw it up!  I like things that are idiot proof and trust me, most of the time I need it!

Anyway, I used the white Konad special polish with the Konad plate M19 to do the french tips.

From there I just dug through my plates to find anything with peace signs on them!  I stamped a fauxnad plate, M42, and the Bundle Monster plate, BM07, onto one nail on each hand with the black special Konad polish.

And there we have it!  I added another thick coat of Seche Vite and I was done!  I really liked the way they turned out, I thought the silver design gave the traditional french tips a little something special!

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  1. I LOVE THESE PICTURES OF NAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!