Sunday, March 27, 2011

Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars

"Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars"  "by the gorgeous Mr. Jon Bon Jovi has the HONOR of being my song of the day.  I was looking around online for some inspiration for a new manicure and it just so happened that I found a song that fit for one I did a while back!

This is Orly's polish in Dazzle.  I am absolutely in love with this silver nail polish.  I've used it no less than a thousand times now.  I added a bit of silver glitter to it, just to make it pop a little more, for this I used Sinful Color's Queen of Beauty.  I know I've shown you this polish before so you'll have to dig if you want to see it on it's own!  :)

I then did what I always do before I Konaded on top of my base color, I added a top coat to keep from ruining the manicure when I made a mistake while stamping.

For this I used the Bundle Monster plate  BM16 and the black special Konad polish.   I am so in love with these nails I cannot stand it.  They are so 80s and fantastic it's almost too much to bare.  They probably remind me of the 80s so much because they look just like the 80's band, Zebra's, album cover!  Well and who wasn't wearing zebra print in the 80s?!  I sure know I was!

Anyways, after I added the Bundle Monster image to the nails, I put on a thick coat of Seche Vite and went out on the town to show off these beauties!  Alright ladies and gentlemen, honest opinion time, what do you think?

Because for me, I'm absolutely in love!

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