Saturday, March 26, 2011

(Nothing But) Flowers

As I'm sure you can notice I have a mild obsession with french manicures.  I just love the way they look, so elegant...  This manicure was a miss of Konad and fimo decorations.  The song that gave me the inspiration for this mani was the Talking Head's song, "(Nothing But) Flowers."

This was started out with Rimmel London's French Manicure Pro polish in French Rose.  I like it as a really nutruel base color when I'm doing something really crazy as the top of the french tip.  I HATE the French Rose when I'm just doing a white tip, I need a little more sparkle than that.  But this is a really great color and the wide brush is just amazing.  I wish all brushes were this wide!

I then used the blue special Konad polish on the tips with plate M19.  The lighter blue color is Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri in Blue-Away.  It's really pretty in person and I just love how fast these polishes dry.  They're not expensive and they work for stamping... what more could you ask for!?  I had already previewed this to post when I remembered that I should probably tell you what plate I did with the Blue-Away, I used the Bundle Monster plate BM17.

After the stamping I added a coat of Seche Vite, threw the blue flower fimos on with some nail glue, and then threw on another coat of Seche Vite!  They look a little messy, but I was in a hurry...  I think if I took my time and tried to be perfect they would look super cute!

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