Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Get Excited

While walking over to my mailbox tonight I was listening to Rick Springfield's classic hit, "I Get Excited," on my iPod and once I opened the mailbox up and saw my presents inside I really was excited!  I greedily opened my packages and found the D-Series that I had ordered from Chez-Delaney!  I know it was only about 10 days from my order date but somehow it felt like a lifetime...

As you can see the plates are significantly bigger than the Konad plates.

I just tried out a couple of the plates to see how I liked them... and all in all they're fantastic!  How could you not want Jim Morrison on your nails?  And the Thundercats logo, ooh that will definitely be going into a full mani very soon!


  1. I also bought that set - it's great, looking forward to trying it out (I love the Thundercats logo!)

    I was wondering, did you find you had any "dud" images in your set? It looks like a few in my set haven't been etched properly on the plate & won't transfer to the nail right.
    Vicky :)

  2. I have found a couple images that don't work, but usually I find that if I change up the polish or the stamper (using a cheapo one instead of the double ended Konad one) they end up working!

  3. Which are the plates some of the images didnt work ? I want to get these but Im not sure. What do you think ?

  4. It seems like everyone has issues with different plates. But like I said, it's nothing that I haven't been able to use by changing the polish or the stamper I'm using. I think they are a great buy and worth every penny! I would recommend them to any and everyone!