Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shot Through The Heart

Welcome back my dear readers!  While digging through my old pictures of nail designs I came across these oldies but goodies.  I had forgotten all about them and was madly in love with them when I did them.  I've been very into having nails lately that are in a state of organized chaos.  They all go together, but none of them match.

I used a hot pink color and a the black from Wet N Wild to paint each nail.  I then used the white, black, and shocking pink special to do all of the stamping.

I used a combination of the Bundle Monster plates, the Konad plates, and a couple fauxnad plates that I have to create the designs.

The whole design came about because I had just seen this sexy, sexy picture of Mr. Jon Bon Jovi and I knew I needed to do something with pink.  I had just done a green leopard print like his pants a few days before... but that is another post. :)

If anyone would like to know the plates that I used to create this I am more than happy to let you know, just leave me a comment and I'll get them posted.

Now, since I'll such a nice person I will leave you with the sexy Bon Jovi and "You Give Love a Bad Name."

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