Friday, April 1, 2011

New Bundle Monster Set

New Bundle Monster plates!  Need I say more!?  Since I am a complete dork I just so happen to be a fan of Bundle Monster on Facebook and to my surprise after logging into their page after a month I saw that in the next 3-5 weeks we will be able to purchase new plates!

Per their updates on Facebook there will be 25 brand new plates with a total of 150 images.  These plates will be comparable in price to their previous plate series, they are stating on the page that the price will be set at $21.99 (but we know this may change as things progress) and the plates will be available for purchase on Amazon like their other plates.  This is straight from the horses mouth, or monsters mouth rather!

"Bundle Monster: Launch date will be within 3 weeks or so. 
We are finalizing the designs; production will take about 2 weeks. 
Price will be similar to the 21 piece set we have currently. 
We won't charge an arm or a leg for it~ ;)"

My favorite part is that they seemed to have listened to the feedback that their fans were giving them and make the full nail and french tip images much bigger!  They stated that there will also be even more full nail and french tip plates in the collection than there were the last time around (YES! :D ).

"Bundle Monster: ....The new set will not replace the old set.
It will be sold separately. The full nail design will be a little 
larger than the 1st set; a revision based on customer reviews. 
We are listening! We appreciate all the feedbacks!"


And lastly the thing that I think I'm secondly most excited about:

"Bundle Monster: .... All plates will also have a 
backing to reduce sharpness around the edges..."

And there you have it, now you know what I know ladies!  I'll keep you posted as more details are announced.  If you would like to become a fan of Bundle Monster yourself on Facebook just click here!


  1. i looooooooooved, i waaaaaaaaaaaant

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