Thursday, December 15, 2011

Plate Backing

This is just a very, very quick post.  I got really tired of having to handle some of my nail plates so carefully so I didn't slice my finger open again while using them.  I looked around on line, but didn't find any ideas that I really liked for putting a backing on them.  I wanted something very easy and very quick, so I grabbed a roll of duct tape and placed it on the back then cut around the sides.  It worked perfectly!  The edges are no longer sharp and they have some protection on them now!

In an ironic turn, while I was putting the tape on the back of the plates so I wouldn't slice my fingers open again I managed to slice my thumb open!  Figures right!  Well I hope this helps anyone looking to back their plates.  I did this with my first set of Bundle Monster plates as well as my octagonal fauxnad plates.

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