Friday, February 25, 2011

Who Will Love a Little Sparrow?

The inspiration for this mani came from the unlikely place of Simon And Garfunkel, I was listening to their song, "Who Will Love a Little Sparrow," and just couldn't pass up the chance to use my new decals!

Once again this mani is done with water decals from eBay, I think I'm obsessed! They have such a variety of them for only a buck how can you go wrong? This was done with a light purple (I don't know the name of it, I have a bad habit of unconsciously tearing off the stickers on the bottle!) from Claire's that I bought around six months ago.

Well after a whole day, be proud I actually kept a mani on that long, I needed a little change, so I thought it might be cute with another sparrow! I was right! I like it MUCH better with the two birds than I did with the one... what do you think?

The bottle if you're interested...

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